innovación en colombia


Quasar Software was born as a technology company which supports the customer's innovation process. For this reason we have been created new products that allow our customer the ideas development based on information technology.


  • Compromise and Excellence: We are allow to give the 100% to get goals that we are intend and respect deals that we done.
  • Innovation: We are always evolving to get better in everything that we do
  • -Integrity: All that we do is ethic and coherent with our compromises.
  • Efficiency: We provide solutions that optimize the benefits in times, costs, and coverage of necessities .


We are an information technology services company that achieves high quality standards, we focus on getting innovator products that help our customer's work, we permanently promote our teamwork to investigate, to innovate and being creative in favour of company efficiency and personal progress.


In 2016 Quasar Software will be based on best marketing practices to be positioned as a competitive company with a clearly aim, being a leader on the local market, to bring off the best services to our customers.


Quasar Software is composed by a team quite qualified, with experience necessary to development technology solutions really successful.


We have a frequent communication with our customers, so, we can know every necessity and goals about their projects. We use development methodologies in our products and technology solutions that can be able to respond every business requirement.


You could choose us, because we are a specialty company in development and implementation technology solutions, where innovations are our most important tool. We believe in the importance to have good and competitive products, which are according with the customer necessities